Mary Smith

Mary Vanek Smith, Eagle Idaho

  • Painting
Artist Bio

An Artists View of Art by MVS

The art of Painting has always fascinated me. With a few materials - canvas, paint and brushes - the artist can create beauty out of an everyday experience with nature.

The glory of nature gives me a glimpse of the sublime.  I want my viewers to look into my paintings and see what I have loved about a farmstead, a mountain, an ocean.

It has taken me sometime to learn how to translate a scene into a painting.

When this successfully happens, I know that the awe and joy I experiences is shared.  A good painting speaks to everyone’s desire for connection and meaning in life.

Much of my art was inspired by the more than 1,000 acre cattle ranch my husband Jim and I owned near Ola Idaho. The Ranch house, barn, aspens and high country are among the scenes which are captured on canvas.

I live and work in Eagle, Idaho. Largely self-taught, I have received instruction and support from Will Nelson, Venture Coy and Geoff Krueger.

My paintings are in private collections in Idaho, Washington, Massachusetts and New York