Jany Rae Seda

Jany Rae Seda

Oftentimes I feel the physical limitations of paint and canvas are never enough to fully communicate the sense of wonder and awe I see in the natural world. My landscape paintings give the viewer a small glimpse into the land that we know and celebrate.

Recipient of the 2022 Idaho Governor's Award Excellence in the Arts

  • Painting

Idaho is the inspiration for my impressionist style of oils.  My subject matter is constantly changing from mighty rock formations, blazing skies, to western personalities and then on to wildlife.  I work at my downtown Boise studio, built in 1895, recently adding 1000 sf for better lighting and more painting space.  Painting daily I create over 100 originals each year, many over 6 foot.

My technique uses vivid swaths of color and light, brushwork and pallet knife are spontaneous and energetic.  Creating simplistic shapes and images often with copious amounts of oil pulled quickly across the canvas.  The results are heavy impasto paintings with geometric forms, graceful curves and chunky marks.