Dennis Hayzlett

Watercolor is a wonderfully flexible and expressive medium and I enjoy using strong color and contrasts. While watercolor remains my primary interest, I have recently undergone a renewed interest in graphite drawing and started using fluid acrylic and color pencils. My primary interest has always been landscapes but have now begun exploring portraits, which are a new interest for me. I love to take my #2 round and paint complicated, detailed works involving cityscapes, boats, harbors, old machinery, ruins and occasionally, an airplane.

  • Drawing
  • Painting
Artist Bio

I was born and raised in Dever, CO. I graduated from the University of Colorado in 1966 and served six years on active duty as a Naval Aviator with the Atlantic and Sixth fleets. After leaving active duty I remained in the Navy reserve while working in higher education administration and later as a software consultant and implementation specialist. Throughout these experiences, art, drawing and painting, often with an aviation focus, were always an interest.  After retirement I have had time to explore my interest in watercolors and focus on developing my skills further.

Flying CAP
Manning the Hoist
Bridge Near White Bird