Abby Egan

My work often has dramatic depths defined by contrasting factors— color, texture, movement— much like in life, when conflict exaggerates the depths of our emotions. Imagine looking at each piece through a scope that enhances powerful emotions on the visual spectrum. What would it look like? How does it move, and act? 

  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
Artist Bio

Abby grew up in Meridian, Idaho and developed an early interest in poetry and art. They attended school at Western Washington University and has studied in Japan. They completed their Bachelors in Business Administration at Boise State University in May 2023.

Abby is inspired by works of abstract and mixed media, and enjoys artists like Picasso, Klimt, and modern artists like Joe Martino and Julie Prichard. They use art as a way of managing Bipolar II disorder, and hopes to spread awareness for mental illness and promote emotional health through their work. 

Winter work attire
Booth Photo 2
Organizing my paints