Cindi Walton

Hiking through the sagebrush steppe in southern Idaho has exposed me to an incredibly diverse landscape. Any, mammal, flower, bush or tree is apt to show up in my work. Nature never stops giving me inspiration.

Taking a different turn, I have this character, a little mouse, who continues to delight me. He was the main character in my children's story, "Little Mouse's Grand Adventure." And, he shares the lead with my dog Chet in newest storybook "Little Mouse and Chet Visit the Sagebrush Steppe."

  • Painting
Artist Bio

When Cindi took her first art class she walked into the local art store clutching her supply list. The store-owner asked if she needed help, she smiled and said, "Yes, as soon as I touch every single thing in this store." Cindi eventually graduated with a BFA at BSU, designed a line of Christmas cards and has illustrated 6 children stories. She paints with acrylics, gouache, and an iPad. Her compositions usually begin with a good ol’ sharpened pencil. She lives in Boise with her husband and her dog named, Chet. 

'I'm From Boise, Too!