Deborah Martell

What is Encaustic Art?

Encaustic art is an ancient Greek process of melting beeswax, tree resin, and pigment, and brushing it quickly onto wood or steel. The medium is then reheated with torch or iron and can be shaped and layered from there.

  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
Artist Bio

"I am fascinated by capturing the interplay of color and light in nature's realm - a fleeting magical moment. I am equally captivated by the profound depth of a stormy horizon line, the weather-aged imperfections of a distressed concrete wall, the vivid burst of color piercing clouds in a sunset, the bold matrix in a turquoise stone or the ethereal glow of a polished opalescent abalone shell, all left by the whims of nature and time. 

Through my art, I strive to elicit a contemplative, visceral sense to reflect on the delicate moment between preservation and change and the harmonious interplay of hue and illumination. I seek unique color combinations, enticing textures, chasing the ephemeral sparkle of scattered reflections or the transformative tranquility of light and ambiance in its transient journey.”

My approach

My personal approach to the encaustic technique is to under paint the layers for added dimension. I use iridescent paints and crystalline powders that allow the shapes to catch light, glow, and shift with the sun. To add detail, I often apply oil pastel and/or silk ribbon. Whether the subject is land or seascape, people or animals, or color-driven abstracts, each piece is unique and somewhat experimental. 

Studio Detail
HOtHot Wall