Zack Thurmond

Art has been woven into my being for as far back as I can recall, and I have realized that it fundamentally changes the way I see and experience this world.  It allows me to better appreciate the fullness of seemingly empty moments in the woods, or the calm in between the percussive rain drops of a summer storm.  As an artist inclined toward landscapes, I tend to frequently revisit places and themes. This is not out of convenience, but because I enjoy the challenge of exploring the familiar in continuous and evolving ways. I’ve never gotten a place quite right, and that is a result of both my own inadequacies and the fact that these places are always, always changing. The natural landscape invites and challenges me, because it is in constant motion, in one way or another. These are the moments that I hope to capture and share with the viewer…the alchemy of light, sound, scent, and perception that gives us a reason to breathe.  Although I work in a variety of mediums and methods, my goal is ultimately the same with each of my works- I strive to absorb and portray the not-so-simple beauty I see around me.

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
Artist Bio

Zack Thurmond was born in 1979 in St. Louis, Missouri, and his obsession with the mountain west was born with him.  Although artistically inclined since childhood, it was a move to Gunnison, Colorado in 2000 that sparked his love for landscape painting and forever altered the path of his life. He earned his BFA from Boise State University, and his paintings can be found in public and private collections throughout North America and Europe.  He currently resides in Boise, Idaho with his wife, Lizzie, their two children, and a lot of dogs.