Rick Jenkins

Exploration is what drives me.  I have spent my life as a potter exploring forms and glazes.  Making new shapes and textures is continually happening with my work.  My love for creating new glazes along with mastering the firing of my kiln has allowed me to have a wide variety of different looking pots.  Being able to successfully achieve hard to get glazes distinguishes my pots from other pottery.  Pursing new ideas and techniques continues to ignite my passion for making pots. 

  • Ceramics
Artist Bio

Rick Jenkins.  I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho.  Clay entered my life at an early age.  I received a BFA in art with an education minor from Boise State University in 1979.  That year, I was hired as the coordinator of the Art Center for the Boise Parks and Recreation Department.  In 2012, I retired from managing the Art Center, but I am still teaching part-time, once a week, to students who keep returning and have become friends.  I now have a home studio and kiln that continues to reignite my passion for making pots and experimenting with many different glazes.

Altered flower vases