Lynn Fraley

“Vivid in my imagination from earliest days, Horse, is my visual vernacular.  While working, I spiral through what I think of as my Five R’s:  Rough In, Round Out, Refine, Reality Check, and Repeat.”

  • Sculpture
Artist Bio

Sculptor Lynn Fraley is fascinated by horses. It’s been a life-long passion.

Her equine sculptures exude vivid personalities, freeze-framing a split second of motion and emotion.

Lynn’s method is straightforward and has been refined by more than 30 years of professional sculpting experience.  At the core is a deep respect for anatomy and biomechanics.  An idea is brought into form first with bare wire (essentially a schematic skeleton).  Then, non-hardening clay becomes the mass and muscle of the horse.  While working, Lynn spirals through her “Five R’s:  Rough In, Round Out, Refine, Reality Check, and Repeat.”

A Signature Member of the American Academy of Equine Art and an Associate member of the Society of Animal Artists, her work has garnered top honors at the annual American Academy of Equine Art Fall Juried Exhibit; the 2018 Founder’s Award, the 2017 Sam Savitt Award for best depiction of equine movement, the 2016 Marilyn Newmark Memorial Award for sculpture and the 2011 Leonard J Meiselman medal for sculpture.  In 2021, her work was included in the prestigious National Sculpture Society’s 88th Annual Awards Exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens, SC.


“Horses have been vivid in my imagination from my earliest days.  

Ancient human companions, horses have enabled the development of entire civilizations and of individuals, like you and me.  They are mighty levers and crystal clear mirrors.  Many qualities that humans aspire to are embodied in the nature of horses. Vitality. Endurance. Patience. Connection. Fierce strength and speed balanced by guileless grace and gentleness.  

“I am fascinated by horses’ movement, be it an explosive leap or a quiet weight shift from one foot to another.  Every personality which emerges in my work, every line of light in shadow, it all emanates from my inner world.  Anatomy, biomechanics and kinesiology are the rules and tools I use to shape then share ideas.”  ~ Lynn A. Fraley