Nikki Russo

I am the ultimate empath, bubbling over with emotion, and making art is how healing happens for me. Everything about creating is the ultimate meditation and an opportunity to share with others this place of gratitude and grace that I find myself in as I experience growth and mindfulness throughout my life as an artist.

Nikki was born in New Haven, Connecticut and is currently living and creating in Boise, ID

  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Photography
Artist Bio

Nikki realized her passion for art while serving and traveling with the US Air Force for over 10 years. It is with these experiences that her wonder-lust would ultimately provide her with the inspiration to create. She is moved by her travels, nature, human emotion and her unconventional imagination and although she  appreciates and works in several different mediums, she usually enjoys working with oils because they allow for reflection. They offer the opportunity for reevaluating and connecting with her environment, emotions and feelings. The longevity of this method makes way for change and adjustments giving up time to pause and adapt to the present moment and to create the desired reality in form, and that is the kind of pause and flexibility she aspires for both personally and professionally. By seeing beyond quintessential beauty, her expressions are often ethereal and apocalyptic in nature and often times, with a mood of loneliness and desolation, all of which she considers magnificent. It is often that she finds herself moved by sadness and fear, but also, by joy, compassion, empathy & love. The inspiration comes in many forms and in every new creation there is a passionate new beginning for her to express herself deeply. Nikki is currently exhibiting her oil paintings and mixed media works in diverse venues and galleries throughout the city of Boise. She was recently awarded a grant from the Alexa Rose Foundation and was also chosen in 2020 as the Artist in Residence at Surel's Place in the Live-Work-Create district of Garden City. Her work has also been featured on the Boise Weekly cover and she recently participated in the Annual Art & Roses at Julia Davis Park.