Katie Miller

My work is cheery and functional, bringing details gathered from nature. I  aim for simplicity in my forms but add elaborate details in the stamps that I design and carve by hand. I hope that the imperfections, the evidence of my hands on the clay, is what adds to the character of my pieces. I make pieces that are durable because I want them to be used everyday. When my work becomes a part of someone’s daily routine it gives me a sense that I’ve contributed beauty and softness, even imperfection, to an otherwise structured and often mass made world.

  • Ceramics
Artist Bio

I became enamored with clay in high school art class. My parents, both artists, recognized my infatuation and converted part of our old barn into a studio. Fascination with the ceramic process meant I spent hundreds of hours making. The simple task of giving early work to friends and family revealed an important aspect in creating art: sharing it. I discovered that my creative process is a cycle that begins with, and is completed by, offering my work to the world. Decades later l’m still fascinated with clay, and now work from my garage studio.

stamped butter dish