Mary Arnold

I am a western conservation artist focused on painting the wildlife, open lands and geology of Idaho and in connecting humanity with nature.  My style is sometimes called modern Fauvist in inspiration, bright in color and not reliant on colors to be true to nature.   I hope to carry a message of stewardship and conservation with in my art.

  • Painting
Artist Bio

Light reflecting off of the facets of the landscape captured the imagination of artist Mary Arnold since she was a child.    She never gets tired of trying to capture that light in her art.   An expressionistic painter, Arnold holds BBA from U. of TX, an Intl. MBA from Thunderbird/ASU.   

Mary Arnold is a conservation artist at heart, using her art to bring awareness to the challenges of preserving our land and wildlife.  Her notion of a subject's soul revealing itself and connecting to her lies in childhood experiences exploring Idaho‚Äôs fields and hills, riding her horse to a steep-walled canyon or rocky butte, spending summers in the mountains, taming every feral cat on the farm, and playing hide-and-go-seek with her dogs in the cornfields.  The fields and mountains of Idaho were her playground and animals were her companions and playmates.   

Arnold works with many conservation organizations to support their missions.   She works with local lands trusts and is honored to work as artist in residence for our national parklands, Bighorn Canyon and Craters of the Moon.   In 2020 Mary was awarded a scholarship for the Idaho Commission on the Arts MAP Program and today teaches for the ICA as a MAP instructor.   Mary focuses her practice of art on connecting humanity with nature.

Long Winter Shadows