Mary Arnold

I am an expressionistic landscape and portrait artist focused on painting the emotions that are engendered in me by the scene or subjects that I paint. My style is sometimes called modern Fauvist in inspiration.  With every shift of the light, different facets emerge, piquing my interest anew. I paint the facets of life.  

  • Painting
Artist Bio

Light reflecting off of the facets of the landscape captured the imagination of artist Mary Arnold since she was a child.    She never gets tired of trying to capture that light in her art.   An expressionistic painter, Arnold holds BBA from U. of TX, an Intl. MBA from Thunderbird/ASU.   

Mary Arnold attempts to capture the emotion stimulated by the subject.   At times trending to semi-abstract, her use of bright color and strong mark-making are hallmarks of her work.   She anthropomorphizes the rocks, mountains, and water in her attempt to capture the essence of the place.   Her notion of a landscape’s soul revealing itself and connecting to her lies in childhood experiences exploring Idaho’s fields and hills, riding her horse to a steep-walled canyon or rocky butte, spending summers in the mountains, taming every feral cat on the farm, and playing hide-and-go-seek with her dogs in the cornfields.  As she grew up and traveled beyond Idaho with its glinting early morning light, she has continued to depict the emotions that she feels when gazing at a particular place or subject in a particular light.  

Arnold was Artist in Residence for the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley from Sep 2020-Aug 2021.  In 2020 Mary was awarded a scholarship for the Idaho Commission on the Arts MAP Program.  This artist’s 2022 two-person show “Poetic Refraction”, developed with her sister, utilized poetry of the west in the exploration of how common inspiration results in differential yet intertwined aesthetic expressions.  Mary focuses her practice of art on connecting humanity with nature.

Long Winter Shadows