Tracie McBride

I break glass then I glue it all back together! It's like a puzzle but I don't have to take it apart after I'm done. When I'm done, I've created a piece of art with all its many parts and pieces... of glass, beads, gems, stones and so many other glass objects. It's a fun and unique way to create.

  • Glass
  • Jewelry
  • Mixed Media
Artist Bio

I guess I’ve always had a thing about glass. I mean, who doesn’t love glass in its’ many forms! I didn’t start out as a mosaic traditionalist (as I call it) but when I saw online, an artists work with broken glass, I was mesmerized. I poked around the internet, but back then, about 2013, there was not a whole lot to find. So I started looking closer, examining glass mosaic work that I could find, then started experimenting. After many trials of adhesives, types of glass, ways to break the glass the way I like, how to create vibrant colors and putting it all together, I’ve come up with my own style. And since, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some of the best as the internet became more and more of a place for artists to post their work. I hope you enjoy and have a chance to stop by my art studio, which will be outside this year, in my garage and driveway, and see how I work.

Oh, and I have expanded into glass jewelry after seeing how beautiful fused glass was when making tiles for some of my pieces.

Geological Abstract