Matt Wolfe

Glass is a medium that is full of transformations. The fluid quality of glass is mesmerizing as it morphs from a solid form, to a molten state, and back to a solid resulting in a one of a kind creation. The possible variations are endless. Constantly searching for control of this demanding medium has enhanced my flow of creativity and allowed me to experiment and discover. With only my imagination and skill working the material being limitations, I find a freedom in the difficulty of working this medium. My working method involves combining a collection of design techniques to create variations in the shape, decoration, and color of each project. The functional as well as the aesthetic design of the glass is very important to me. I am equally captivated by my art’s impact as a functional object as I am its beauty. I am dedicated to spreading the passion I have for the art of glassblowing through my products and the process.

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Artist Bio

Matt Wolfe, born July 1980, works from his home studio in the heart of Boise, Idaho. There he fabricates primarily hollow form vessels and sculpture using borosilicate glass flameworking techniques. Glass has been his passion from the moment his eyes caught the flame during the summer of 1999. A self-taught artist, Matt enjoys the fluid quality of the glass. From solid to molten and back to a solid creation. His passion for glass is the reason he created Sawtooth Glass Project. The goal being to educate and expose as many people to the craft he loves so dearly.

Flower Marble
Dot Cup
Turtle Shell