Mary Butler

I love to Paint. I paint to express my love of color, movement and the shifting light of the great outdoors.  I was privileged to have grown up in rural Idaho with a ranching family.  I use traditional oil techniques and products to creat classical styled paintings, conveyiing our traditions and landscapes.  My art is expressionistic, creating a sense of energy, color and movement in each painting.

I love the feel of a loaded brush moving across the canvas and leaving a clean stroke of paints.  I am excited by the feeling of a painting coming together and the antipation of the next painting.

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Artist Bio

I drew on the walls as a toddler, in the fourth grade I stood up and said I wanted to be an artist.  At fourteen my Aunt gifted me her oil painting supplies after she took me to a summer workshop she was attending.  I attended the University of Idaho studing art, but particallity took over and I became an Rn practicing in Boise for 40 years.  Along the way I graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing and minor in Fine Arts from Bopise State University.  I'Ve lived in Boise my adult life and have two adult children.

I show my work at Art Source Gallery, Gallery Fifty Five and Valley Bronze in Joseph, Oregon. I've won People's Chopice and First Prize  in Crossroads in Baker Oregon and third place in Eagle Plein Air Quick Draw in 2021.  I've participated in outdoor festivals in Jackson, Sun Valley, McCall and no Art in the Park!  I have special exhibits schedule for Art Source Gallery in November, Valley Veiw in April and Crossroads next August.  But the best part is painting!

Off the Roacks
After the Ride
Road to Grandjean