Clementine Wright-Zenner

  The work of remembering is to reintegrate parts that have been lost or seemingly destroyed by a trace of memory or forgotten moment in time. Abandoned organic and human-built structures are monuments to those passing through. These domiciles are sinking eulogies of remembrances. Bits of detritus and debris give clues to the regret as well as the resilience in one's life story.  In my work, I am striving to visually recreate the act of repairing and making whole again through the alchemical process of burning out organic material in the kiln. In the spaces and materials that appear broken down and desolate, I mend and repair them as a way to transcend and heal traumatic memory. My art practice is intuitively driven by my attunement to nature and its fragile ecosystem, the cycles there, and by the need to document the process of deterioration found in biological forms and structures.  I am curious about creating forms and installations from an embodied space that both captures and documents the process of cessation. The materials I choose in my work are built around the ideas of demise and collapse in clay bodies, glass, and found objects.  Each iteration is chosen for its ability to narrate the idea of arrested decay or remembrance.

  • Ceramics
  • Drawing
  • Glass
  • Jewelry
  • Mixed Media
Artist Bio

    Clementine Wright-Zenner is a ceramics, glass, and mixed media artist currently residing in Boise, Idaho.  She received her BFA in Ceramics from California State University Fullerton in 2016 and her MFA at Boise State University in Studio Art in 2021. Her ceramic and mixed media work focuses on the materials and natural forces of degradation and ephemerality in nature and in human interaction as it relates to cycles of birth and death. She has shown in galleries nationally and won first place for her work entitled “Caught”  residing in the CSUF permanent collection. She won the Graduate College Award at BSU in 2019 for her installation “Hive”.   Her work was recently selected for the Idaho Triennial at the Boise Art Museum. Her solo show Metamorphosis was on view this past summer at Delia Dante Gallery, Boise Idaho. She is currently installing a show for her residency with The Common Well Studios in Garden City, Idaho.     She teaches art within the community of Boise and the City of Boise working with Veterans, Seniors, Disabled Adults, and the Teen/Adult adaptive program, as well as an instructor of Sculpture/ 3-D design at the College of Western Idaho. 

Shadow Figures
Creekside Residency Show