Andrew Groth

Being a conceptual artist means living a life of always seeing potential.  I possess a unique perception and intuition about things and people as well as the motivation to transform that insight into physical objects and thought provoking ideas.  I also choose to create from different disciplines, depending on the desired effect, as simply as a painter chooses to blend different pigments together into a new color.  I see and learn from all kinds of art styles, genres and mediums, therefore I don’t limit my choices of materials to use in my own work.  I believe this gives me a broader perspective and therefore a greater chance of discovering something new and different.  The consistency of my work lies in the exploration of ambiguous morality and societal contradictions wrapped in bold packages.

  • Mixed Media
Artist Bio

Who puts the DREW in DREWCO? Artist, friend, husband, fan of Chinese takeout and television nights, finder of his wife’s reading glasses, temporary nightly heat source for his cat, humanitarian and all around great guy Andrew Groth.

A long time ago, in a gourmet hotdog joint/taproom far away, the concept of DREWCO took shape. The year was 2012. Queen Elizabeth had just celebrated her diamond jubilee.  Barack Obama was re-elected president of the United States. The end of the Mayan calendar, or the end of the world as some believed, was observed with little to no consequence, and it was the year DREWCO was established by the self-described conceptual artist. In that same year, Andrew, along with his dearest friends, created the now infamous infomercial featuring the company’s flagship product, The Paint-O-Matic 2000, launching the fine art company on the trajectory to becoming the mega success that it is today.

DREWCO initially specialized in artistic commodification, but since those early days it has expanded its product lines to include moody ambivalence, moral ambiguity, societal contradictions and even challenging antiquated traditions. The pieces are bold and dynamic, stylish and contemporary and often include hidden gems of DREWCO’s patented State of Conflicted Emotions, which encourages every DREWCO customer to wonder, “Why were these things created?” and also “Why do I like them so much?”

As DREWCO founder and CEO, Andrew wrestles with his desperation to hang onto the last vestiges of youthful idealism against succumbing to a serious, insidious mental condition he calls “Cynianalyticalality,” or Age Related Over Analysis induced Pessimism (AROAP).

AROAP is quantified using the following formula:

Accumulated Evidence of Disappointment

                              time (t)

DREWCO addresses the absurdities as Andrew navigates the liminal spaces, yet resists the temptation to take anything too seriously. He is an artist, musician, avid cyclist, animal fan, and child of the 80s who enjoys poking fun at things, at life, at art, at his art, and especially at himself. He earned an AA in Liberal Arts and a BFA degree with an Emphasis on Painting. His work has been shown in several group exhibitions.  He is one of the most recent members of Boise Open Studios and he continues to be an active member in the Treasure Valley arts community