Angela Kathleen Stout

Angela Kathleen Stout

I am a versatile artist who creates textured work with cloth, enamel, and oils on canvas, wood and found objects. My work is both non-representational and figurative. The fabric creates curvilinear, organic lines and shapes that are made in glue-soaked fabric that is subsequently painted while the texture and unique application of medium is strongly influenced by abstract expressionism, especially its balance and color relationships. When familiar with my unique biography and the inspirations behind my artistic development, you find that I am passionate, have an attention to detail, and strong technique which creates a truly original body of work. 

  • Fiber
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Sculpture

“It was pain that led Angela Kathleen Stout to the artistic path, it was pleasure that kept her there, and it is passion that calls her forward into her destiny as an artist.

Beth Ostrov - Segmation Magazine

Angela was born on June 6, 1966 in Gooding Idaho yet her family settled down in the East Bay of San Francisco soon afterward. There she experienced the diversity of metropolitan life and spent many days wandering around the city exploring. Yet in juxtaposition, visiting her aunt Jean, who raised horses and other livestock, and with whom they spent many vacations in Idaho, gave her the experience of small town, ranch life as well.

As an adult, Angela returned to the beauty of Idaho where she fell in love with painting. In 2002, she began to develop the cloth sculpted artwork that she is known for. The subjects that Angela painted varied. At times creating landscapes, figures, and still life, she always returned to the non-objective work that focused online, shape, color, and form.

She studied at College of Western Idaho where she found a great love for Art history, especially the Impressionist period that had inspired her so much to start painting. Followed by a Studio Art degree in 2018 that took her from self-taught artist to a more professional one. This confidence multiplied when she became president of TVAA, a juried member of NAWA and BOSCO, and went on to Boise State University to seek her Bachelor of Fine Art.  She has many collectors on four continents, is represented by Context Art Gallery in Treviso, Italy, and has participated in many national and regional exhibitions like, a group exhibition at Art Basel Miami, Contemporary Craft market, and Wallowa Arts festival.

“Paint was the life preserver that was thrown to me when the box marked “reject” was taking on water. I refused to accept that the only options were to sink or swim, so I took matters into my own hands and painted a boat.”

Angela Kathleen Stout

published for J. Pepin Gallery