Gia Strang

The human experience relies on developing relationships and connection with others. These things, although not physically tangible, evolve within the complicated and dynamic spaces within and between individuals. My work explores these ideas abstractly utilizing negative space, repetition of form, and color.

  • Sculpture
Artist Bio

In 2018, after a career in the U.S. Air Force, raising three children, and following her husband's Navy career, Gia and her family settled in Boise. Finally carving out some time for herself, Gia went back to college to pursue a second degree in Visual Arts with a focus in Sculpture. She graduated from Boise State with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in December of 2021 and opened her own studio in her back yard.

Choosing to work mostly in reclaimed steel, Gia's raw materials are often flawed, imperfect, or damaged. Rescued from the salvage yard, or even from her own scrap bin, the steel forms undergo a metamorphosis to live another life very different from their original one.

Plasma Cutting