Becka Watkins

There are so many ways to look at things, maybe that is why I rotate my canvas when I paint. I use mixed media and acrylics to add layers. I begin with the movement of paint across canvas, sometimes blending and smearing colors with my fingers. Shapes and textures form, and images are revealed to me. A final piece often has 2-3 paintings underneath; each one a different story, emotion or interaction with the world that I am trying to process. With each creation, I feel the struggle of the human spirit; to let go, be free, to play without boundaries verses the constraints of needing to control the details of life, interactions and the manners for which we accomplish things. Within each piece there is a duality of this act of letting go and the need for control. 

  • Digital
  • Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
Artist Bio

Becka comes from 4 generations of working artists. She first earned a  BFA in creative writing and Nursing. After 20 years of creating art privately and working 15 years as an RN, she was compelled to pursue a career in the arts. She is a member of BOSCO and Art Source gallery and has been showing and selling her art locally. 

The Approach