Brecken Bird

 My current series of pastel drawings tell the story of a mermaid who wants to fly. Her name is Flying Fish. She is a heroine that, like Sisyphus, repeats her tale over and over again with the blind hope of achieving an impossible dream. My artistic process involves taking self-portraits as reference photos. At first, the process was one of self-discovery, but now the self-portraits are more about exploring a different version of myself. To step into the world of the story, I create sets and dress in character, performing the lead role in a dramatic tragedy. When translating the reference materials into pastel drawings, I move the imagery further away from reality and closer to a mythological story about never giving up on even our most absurd aspirations. 

  • Drawing
  • Mixed Media
Artist Bio

Brecken Bird was born and raised in Utah and graduated from Utah State University in May of 2016 with a Bachelor's of Fine Art with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting. Her pastel drawings are self-portraits that tell stories inspired by mythology and fairytales. She is currently based in the Boise Idaho area where she lives with her husband and her cat.

Green Ribbon
Spring Equinox