John Bertram

My subjects include places, people, and issues. As I cut and tear found paper by hand, cropping and overlaying pieces, layering and adhering found parts, I work to evoke a mood that captures the story narrative from many angles. This passion allows me to express myself into a visual reference of shapes and colors. My aim is to create collages that will invite the viewer to look further into the piece to discover the depth of the story.    

  • Mixed Media
Artist Bio

Born in Berkeley, California in 1946, majored in Urban Planning at the University of Washington, and served as a VISTA Volunteer in Boise, in 1969-1970. Directed the Boise-based consulting firm Planmakers 1977 to 2017, offering city planning, historic preservation, and urban design studies. Key projects include initiating the 8th St Marketplace, Boise Depot Restoration, Boise Cultural District Plan and Capitol Boulevard Plan. As President of Preservation Idaho, oversaw the restoration of the 1864 Surgeon’s Quarters at the Boise VA Medical Center. Influenced by partner JanyRae Seda, traveling to art shows all over the west and exploring art museums and galleries at every opportunity. In 2017 built and opened Bertram Studio creating over 47 mixed media and collage works, joining BOSCO in 2018.