Stephanie Inman

My art is specific to its place. I’m drawn to humble, unpretentious buildings to document and remember. Creating their likeness in miniature elevates their story. Opposite that is the drama of large-scale public art with bold colors and textures against a big, blue sky. So I am drawn to the big and to the small. There’s always a push and pull.

  • Digital
  • Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Sculpture
Artist Bio

Stephanie Inman is a Boise public artist and cultural planner, graphic designer, and mixed media artist. Her work varies from large-scale public art installations to interactive interpretive signage to tiny little sculptural buildings to a custom font.  

You can find Inman’s public art installations at Zoo Boise, Main Street Station, Boise City Hall and in Washington State.

In her public art practice Steph strives to create ways to elevate people’s daily experience with unexpected details, bold color and scale, and an emphasis on site-specificity. She looks for ways to collaborate with a community, encourage creativity, and provide art and experiences that are accessible to all.

As a graphic designer her portfolio includes logos, maps, signage, booklets, and illustrations.

Recent work includes making miniature buildings in wood and salvaged metal. Speaking to the memory of architecture, Inman treats these little structures as art objects that hold stories.

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