Joyce E Green

 I chose to paint the positive aspects of life.  I strive to create memorable and personally creative authentic visions, carefully designed and technically proficient in watercolor.  I prefer the medium of watercolor because it allows the building of rich layers of glazed colors and textures which reflect back through the white of the paper.  My images usually focus on human, animal, and water themes, but generally on anything that moves, or moves me!  Watercolor is infinitely various, subtle and challenging.

  • Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
Artist Bio

Originally from Minnesota, Joyce Green has been a professional artist for over 40 years.  She hold signature membership in The American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, the  Transparent Watercolor Society of American, Watercolor West, and the Idaho Watercolor Society.    Her work has won numerous awards, including four "Best of Show" awards, and two international awards.  She is a distinquished merit member and past president of the Idaho Watercolor Society.    

Joyce holds degrees from the University of Minnesota, Duluth ( B. S. magna cum laude), and The University of Arizona, Tucson (M. Ed.).  She has held professional positions in art education in Ohio and Arizona, and teaches occasional workshops in Idaho.  She has also served as Curator of Education at the Columbus Ohio Museum of Art.  She has resided in Idaho for almost 40 years.

Travel, both foreign and domestic, has been an important stimulating influence on Joyce's artistic life.  Many of her paintings have been inspired by the experiences encountered in over 50 years of travels, literally around the world, with her late husband Robert.  They have traveled to over 80 countries since the 1960's.

Aqua Anthem
Lambscape #1901
Cascade Carol