Evalee Campbell

Merging ceramic and printmaking processes my work is both utilitarian and playful. I am most interested in natural and manmade landscapes and the interactions that happen in these spaces. Inspired by the world around me I am constantly collecting observations and objects to use in my work. For me exploring new works in form or surface design is like exploring part of the outside world – trying to capture in clay moments I have witnessed. Plant life, animals and words subtly asking the questions of place and identity.

Working from prototypes, or found objects, I create original molds from which my pots are then slip-cast with clay developed from raw materials. Through graphic imagery, animals and nature show up in playful ways across the surface of my pots. I use a variety of surface decoration techniques to build up layers of narrative from mimicking nature with impressed plants and natural textures to utilizing silk screened image transfers and words to further the plot.  With these methods I can make limited editions of pots that each have their own unique “print” or edition. Through surface design my pottery becomes a reflection of the places I have been and my work aims to mirror these environments we are surrounded by, highlighting the little splendors within.

  • Ceramics
Artist Bio

I am a ceramic artist and designer living and working in Garden City, Idaho. In 2018, I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Utah State University, where I explored beyond the ceramics scope into graphic design and printmaking.  Inspired by wildlife and social dynamics my work is ever evolving through form or surface design. It’s the process of exploration that I find so inspiring about doing pottery - learning from trial and error and testing new ideas. The making more than the end result is what fuels my motivation to continue pursuing the ceramic arts and pushing myself to better my craft. 

Having a studio and creating pottery has kept me grounded and striving to find balance in this changing world. Throughout my career, creating pottery has helped me navigate life and express the trials life throws my way. Observation of the world, experiences and thoughts find their way into my work influencing what I create and reminding me that beauty is in the small things.  My hope is that the work I create evokes a sense of personal connection with the viewer and conveys the beauty of these gathered moments.

Outside of the ceramic studio you will find me cruising down the greenbelt on my bike, or daydreaming by the Boise river observing all the little critters and people passing by.  You can find my works at Idaho Made in downtown Boise as well as at Idaho Mercantile in Caldwell. For more information about my process follow along on instagram (link below).

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