Deborra Marshall Bohrer

Art is a reflection of life in all of us.  It is the wooden spoon that stirs the emotion.  It calms the soul or curdles your blood.  A piece of art can be a gentle friend, a stern companion, or a way to escape or revere normal.  My paintings are a glimpse into the core of human perception with color and images that provoke thoughts and memories of the past and hopes that linger just out of reach in the future.  

My work is often influenced by music and poetry.  There is an intimacy that I experience with my palette knife, hand, or brush.  Adding layer upon layer of color, the depth of the paint reveals the life of the subject.  As the image emerges there is that wonderful moment of recognition...Ahh there you are!

  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Photography
Artist Bio

´╗┐My early career was devoted to the field of contract design.  The perfect combination of art and business.  I loved space planning for restaurants, hospitals, banks, and offices.  Then the fun part of adding texture and color to the interiors began.  In hindsight my largest canvases!  My ex-husband and I began a commercial/contract flooring business which is located in three states and enjoys great success to this day.  My sons have been involved in the family business throughout their lives and have learned great leadership skills because of it.  But then 25 years ago I took the road less traveled and studied with two well known artists in the Northwest for six years.  Once I put a paintbrush in my hand there was no turning back!  I am grateful to have found my passion and my vocation!     DMB

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