David Scott

I am interested in ceramic form and process.  I have worked in ceramic studios for over thirty years now.  The first years were as a student but now the vast majority have been as a teacher.  I have explored many processes and techniques, but my favorite tools are the potter's wheel and the gas fired kiln.  Crystalline glazes have caught my attention in recent years.  I enjoy the challenge of throwing porcelain forms that work with crystal glazes.  Functional pottery is where my greatest joy is, in using objects I have made and sharing with others.

  • Ceramics
Artist Bio

David Scott is a lifelong Boisean.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual arts in 1993 and a Masters degree in Education in 1998.  He has taught art at Boise High School since 2001.  He first took pottery in high school and has been a ceramic educator and studio potter since then.  He has participated in art shows in the Northwest.

Studio closeup
Crystalline vessel