Jerry Hendershot

I am interested in texture and form and what these two can tell us of places, contexts.  Some of my work evokes the harsh beauty of the Great Basin like my Sculptapots, Geodes and Figurative works while others are more relevant to urban, industrial settings such as my Tinmen and Tinbots.  

I specialize in non-functional, wheel and slab formed sculptures in raku, soda, and saggar firing.  

I also offer functional ware for commission such as dinner sets, ichiban vases, urns, and more.

  • Ceramics
  • Mixed Media
Artist Bio

Jerry Hendershot has been a ceramic artist and instructor for 22 years.  He is the owner of Parched Earth Pottery.  He is also a full-time ceramics and 3D Design instructor at Timberline High School and at the Tuscarora Pottery School in Tuscarora, Nevada.  He has conducted workshops in Arizona, Nevada, West Virginia, California as well as at the WL4 in Gdansk, Poland and the Polish National Sculpture Center in Oronsko, Poland.  In addition to his work as an artist, he is currently writing a series of books on teaching visual arts in the secondary setting, with an emphasis on Inquiry and Student-Centered learning.  He is joined frequently in his studio by his wife and two kids as well as his family cat and a chicken or two that might stray into the studio on a Sunday afternoon.