Jennifer Parks


Jen is a multifaceted artist whose commitment to her craft extends beyond her studio walls where she is self-employed in the tattoo arts. Where ink meets mood and diverse forms of artistic expression converge, her mastery of pyrography transforms ordinary wooden canvases into intricate works of art, each telling a unique story through scorching lines and intricate shading. She has also created an incredible line of adult coloring books. What truly sets Jen apart is her unwavering dedication to fostering a sense of community among fellow artisans. Recognizing the importance of showcasing local talent, with her meticulous attention to detail.

  • Digital
  • Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
Artist Bio

Over the last 15 years Jennifer Parks has thrived as a professional tattoo artist, offering the valley unique and custom tattoo work in her private and inspiring studio.  Due to the pandemic in 2020, she temporarily closed her studio.  Struggling both financially and artistically as a result, she harnessed this struggle to fuel her creativity and discovered woodburning.  Like tattooing, woodburning requires incredible hand strength and control.  After years of dabbling in almost every medium possible, what began as a way to mimic the art of tattooing to keep her mind and hands in shape, transformed into the discovery of her true passion.  As she experimented more with this new art form, Jennifer fell in love with the warm feel of the wood and the scent of scorched timber. Each project taught her something new and inspired the way she created the next piece. Leaning into the unfamiliar yet exciting new direction her art was taking, she developed a passion for the liberation of the unpredictable. Where tattoo art must be planned and executed with detailed precision, woodburning allowed greater freedom and license for her art to fully form. This process is almost a form of meditation for her as she often lets the art take her where it wants to go.  Jennifer uses intricate detail in finite space to give life to her wood art. Each piece is designed to be a multi-sensory experience where touch, sight, and scent all play a role in communicating meaning. Deep grooves and textures are burned into the wood, creating patterns and shades, while the scent of burnt wood reminds you of a warm campfire on a cool summer night.

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