Laura Wolstenholme

In my pastel paintings I work to convey the feeling of happiness when we encounter a beautiful aspect of the landscape, whether on a foothill ramble, neighborhood walk, or through a car window. Our local landscape is varied and full of gorgeous scenes, all working to keep me inspired.  

  • Painting
Artist Bio

I've drawn and dabbled in several mediums since I was a girl until I discovered pastels. Pastel is a dry medium holding the same pigments of color as oil paints but with a dry binder. A pastel stick can make a variety of hard marks, or soft, or a translucent glaze, allowing for layering of colors. The crystals in the pastel marks or glaze reflect light creating vibrant color. For the last six years I’ve worked to capture in pastels Idaho scenes that speak to me. 

Four colors
Pastel texture
Evening Show