Betty Hayzlett

I create art primarily to create things of beauty.  I also like to play and be whimsical. While some of my work reflects the natural world around us, and occasionally tries to subtly comment on it, much of my work is purely abstract in nature.  I love to play with rich colors and with contrasts created by using those colors and a variety of techniques, materials, and textures.    


  • Fiber
  • Mixed Media
Artist Bio

Betty Hayzlett has been working with fiber since she was a little girl making her own doll clothes. Working toward a BA degree in Fine Art at the University of Colorado, she returned to that material, making a series of sculptures created by putting fabric over wire forms.  Later, while raising her family, she tried weaving, loving being able to put varied yarns and stitches into the fabric and again turning to sculpture.  Some years later she discovered felting, and since then has been working to stretch what can be done with that technique.   Her work remains largely sculptural.

Blue Planet
Autumn Treeline detail