Jill Storey

Jill Storey

A great portrait is more than just an accurate rendering of physical features, it's a reflection of mood and emotion and a fleeting moment in time. The shadow of a cloud moving across the foothills is the same as an expression flashing across a face, and in any urban scene, the lines and planes of architecture are as fundamental as muscle and bone. I believe the act of translating what I see from life to paper is portraiture, no matter what I choose to paint. 

  • Drawing
  • Painting

I am a pastellist. It is such a vibrant medium. It is rich and versatile, and messy and fun to use. One stick of pastel can give me a broad, painterly stroke and also very fine lines and detail, and I love the connection of getting my hands in it without needing other tools.


Jill Storey is an American artist living in Boise, Idaho. She works primarily in pastel and paints a variety of subjects, including portraits, landscapes and urban scenes. Jill earned her BFA at Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame IN, and continues to hone her art through workshops and web sessions. Jill is a member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast, the Northwest Pastel Society, the Boise Open Studios Collective and the Treasure Valley Artists' Alliance. Her work has been included in numerous juried and curated exhibitions and is held in private collections across the country.