Amy McRae

I am a visual story teller.

Whether it is telling the story of an abandoned silk mill, sunsets, handmade paper or a family’s connection with each other, I am always looking for the story to tell.

I challenge myself to find ways to create distinctive visual art.  This has led me to the handmade photograph which is a delicate process of transferring my images to other mediums such as handmade paper, glass, wood and yupo paper.  

My work has a little bit of a twist - a little bit of the unexpected.  I invite you to view my work and see where the story takes you. 

  • Photography
Artist Bio

Amy grew up with a camera in her hand but it wasn't until she got her first 35mm camera that she became serious about her photography.  First there were classes to learn how to work in a darkroom which opened up all sorts of creative possibilites.  Then classes that focused on landscapes and story telling.  As digital photography became more prominant she continued to apply what she learned in the darkroom to her creative process.

Amy is always looking to grow as an artitst.  She seeks out workshops and other learning opportunities to challenge herself, experiment and just have fun. 

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