Nica Lorber

Nica works as a web consultant. She paints and makes Poofies as a way to enjoy the creative process free from the computer screen and client constraints. She invents everything she paints, drawing inspiration from a new paintbrush, a new color or a new painting technique. 

  • Digital
  • Drawing
  • Fiber
  • Painting
Artist Bio

In 2015, Nica Lorber started painting Poofies as holiday cards. She had so much fun she kept at it. As interest grew in her work, she created the Poofy Emporium. The Poofy Emporium features Poofies, Tetris Monsters, Underbite Monsters, Abstract Paintings and other critters Nica invents. Poofies bring good vibes to all places they reside.

The character based nature of her work derives from her previous career as an animator. Many of the Poofies have short bios, which further brings them to life. You can read the Poofy stories on her website or via social media. 

Nica Lorber in studio
Poofy Ornaments