Sue Latta

Abandoned spaces with the traces of humanity left behind, objects being taken back by nature, timeworn people, tortured heartbreak songs and melancholy poetry. These are the things that move my imagination, that cause me to make up stories and draw pictures in my mind. For me they hold the kind of beauty that inspires awe and are full of deep, transcendent, and possibly universal meaning. 

The exploration starts with the belief that objects, materials, and textures, are imbued with ideas. An apple is never just an apple. A doorknob is loaded with content that is different than that of a deadbolt or a paddle lock. Steel, wood, paper, and plastic carry with them different connotations. The texture created by decay, whether it’s actual texture or an image, is distinguished by an intuitive awareness of its lived experience. 

My work draws on the examination of the beautifully broken and the search for meaning in images, objects, and words to create work that elicits an instinctive understanding, evokes an emotional response, asks a new question, or tells an old story.

  • Mixed Media
Artist Bio

Sue Latta is a determined and intuitive sculptor who creates visually poignant, skillfully executed artwork utilizing a variety of processes, including welding, woodworking, carving, casting and photography –she’s continually exploring new forms of artistic expression. 

Sue’s held over 20 solo exhibitions as well as being featured in numerous invitational and juried shows. Her work is found in private and institutional collections throughout the United States and Canada.

Sue owns The Sculpture Studio in downtown Boise where she teaches and mentors artists in welding, casting, and other artistic disciplines. She’s taught an array of art courses at Boise State University where she currently holds a position as a lecturer in the School of the Arts. She has proven herself as a valuable contributor in nurturing talent and appreciation for art as well as being a great example of a professional artist.

The Boise Weekly selected Sue as “Best Local Visual Artist” in 2015, an indication of her wide appeal. She is also committed to giving back to the community. She serves on boards, volunteers for causes, and follows her convictions from supporting those undergoing cancer treatments to championing marriage equality.

Sue is generous with her knowledge and bold in her convictions. 

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Sue carving a tree
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