Betsie Richardson

I make art to remind people about what's right about the world around us and to reflect the joy and higher consciousness I see in our daily lives.

My oil paintings pay homage to life in the West from land to table. I paint real subjects that spring my spirit to life, whether that’s a made-from-scratch donut, my six-year-old's cardboard box fort, or a baby Highland cow leaning into its big-horned mama. Joy exists in each present moment. We must pause our busy brains to see it, and I hope my paintings help you hit pause. I want viewers to feel like you could reach into the canvas and squeeze a lemon or feel the texture of a bison and believe this beauty exists in the world--because it does.

  • Painting
Artist Bio

Betsie Richardson works in a studio in Garden City, Idaho, where she takes inspiration from the local food growers and surrounding landscapes for her oil paintings. She sells her artwork at Capitol Contemporary Gallery, fine art fairs, BOSCO (Boise Open Studios), Idaho Made, and by commission. She earned a double-major at the University of Washington in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts and Journalism. Find Betsie's "tastefully naughty" greeting cards at retailers around the northwest, including the Boise and Meridian Co-ops and Broadway and Market Street Albertsons.

When not painting, you can find Betsie baking with her seven-year-old, running in the foothills, camping and traveling the globe with her family, playing softball and soccer, meditating, dancing badly, laughing loudly, or reading a novel by the wood burning stove in their 1917 home.

Painting in Progress in the Studio
Close-up of Ten Thousand Hours painting
Inside My Studio