Delia Dante

Delia Dante

Delia Dante is a Boise, Idaho sculptor, metal art and glass enamel artist.  Her fine art gallery, enamel and welding studio is at 1322 Main Street in the heart of downtown Boise.  Her studio offers enameling, metalsmithing and welding classes weekly.

Hours: Tues - Sat 10am - 6pm

Phone: 208.810.6240​

  • Glass
  • Jewelry
  • Sculpture

Delia Dante is an award winning metal and glass enamel artist in Boise, Idaho. She owns and operates the Delia Dante Gallery and FireFusion Studio in the heart of downtown Boise at 1322 W. Main St.

Delia discovered her artistic passion in the creation of metal and enamel sculptures, wall pieces and jewelry. She works with copper and steel embodied with beautiful enamel colors. Her highly specialized custom fabrication work has produced such masterpieces as the fourteen-foot sculpture “Me Deuce” situated at the bar in Barbacoa Grill and the Árbol De La Vida at the Coa De Jima in Boise. She has been a board member for the International Enamelist Society and has received numerous awards, public and private commissions and donates her art to charitable organizations in the community.

The tremendous popularity and demand for Delia’s fine art enameling classes is the definitive result of her outstanding reputation as an art teacher for twelve years and working as a professional enamel artist since 2004. Students experience an exciting and socially engaging atmosphere while they are designing and creating exquisite and dramatically colorful art in the new fully equipped FireFusion Studio. Instruction in a variety of techniques from beginner to advanced and her Open Studio Access Lab ignite everyone’s creative passion and self expression.