Jonanne See

I create art to try to discover the essence of what painting is. For me, painting is where the art both captures and transcends the real world through the use of color, subject matter, detail and composition. Household objects such as a favorite reading chair or a rumpled bed become alive and explode with vivid colors. I challenge composition by juxtaposing different forms and patterns on the canvas.I work from photos that I have taken. I use thin veils of acrylics to lay down several layers of paint. This technique creates depth and rich vibrating colors. I create hues that are real, but also surreal. By using these techniques I hope to find a deeper, more accurate depiction of reality.

  • Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
Artist Bio

Jonanne grew up in the north shore of Chicago. 

Taking the train downtown to visit the Art Institute really intrigued her and was something that she did very often.  She would spend hours admiring the impressionist paintings that they had on display.  Jonanne was constantly drawing inspiration from the world around her; no matter where she found herself art was always on her mind. Her first true art experience was Norman Rockwell. As a child, she remembers flipping through a book of his narrative paintings, wide eyed and curious.  She really appreciated his humor, and now loves to include humor in her own paintings.  A window into his everyday life was a kind of storytelling that still resonates with Jonanne as her work has continued to reflect a strong sense of place.

In later years, she attended Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.  She majored in Illustration which helped to further her narrative painting styles.  When her free spirit moved her to Italy she thought that she would become a full time painter.  However, she had an open mind and her heart was drawn to the rythym of the world.  To satisfy this hunger for music, she opened up a jazz club.  From Italy, she moved to Texas and lived there for two years before going out to Miami where she showed at various locations.  During these times she participated in a lot of group shows where she met a diverse range of artists.  Currently, Jonanne now lives in the beautiful town of Boise, ID.  She moved there in 2002, and since then her and her husband have established a local artisan eatery where she now exhibits her artwork.